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The Story of Two Identical Businesses

First off, what makes two identical businesses different? In other words, what causes one to dominate and outsell the other? Let’s say, for example, you have two plastic surgery practices that are in the exact same location. They are both on the same street in their local city.

They sit right across the street from each other. They both provide the same services such as rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, liposuction, hair transplantation, Botox®, etc. They both have the exact same quality of surgeons, nurses, and staff.

They both have the same building, architecture, and office decor. Their practices are identical. Everything is virtually identical except one main component.

One practice consistently outperforms and sells the other practice with triple the number of surgeries performed. Their business and brand reputation has far fewer complaints even though they perform three times the amount of surgeries.

If they are both identical in every way, then what is the reason one practice completely dominates the other in sales and profits?

The Reason is Domain Names!

The unsuccessful and near bankrupt practice is still using old marketing techniques such as the Yellow Pages, stale Radio, and TV advertising with domain names no one remembers! To make matters worse, they are not even tracking their advertising to see which method is most profitable.

On the other hand is the successful practice that has multiple listing results on the first page of Google for their website. They invested in and bought the generic domain name with their exact keywords, therefore their customers find them at the very top of every search engine for free!

10 Great Reasons to Invest in Generic Domain Names
For Your Business

  • You get the best targeted traffic possible, better than Pay Per Click or link traffic. If a person is typing in the very word your firm represents, they are more likely to be a buyer.
  • You keep your competitors from getting this targeted traffic.
  • You can get traffic you never expected.
  • The domain is considered "Internet Real Estate." You can "write off" the cost of this business asset. (ask your CPA first!)
  • You can increase your search engine ranking with a great domain name.
  • You can get "accidental" traffic that might otherwise have gone to your competitors.
  • You own "mindshare." That, too, will bring traffic to your business.
  • There is great public relations value in owning a one or two word generic domain name that is the name of your industry or business. When stories are written about an industry, topic, product or service, the media often look up these firms by the generic word or web address.
  • Your firm saves money on not having to buy as much Pay Per Click advertising.
  • No one else can ever own it - as long as you pay your annual fee!
    List courtesy of Marc Ostrofsky

If you’re not familiar with the term "domain name" it’s simply your website address. For example, my domain name for my business is

Your domain name is literally the cement foundation with which you build your business on.

Unfortunately, most business owners don’t understand the power and importance of having the right domain name. Domain names are just like real estate. They are worth a great deal of money according to what the domain name is.

For example, in December 2006 sold for three million dollars. The domain sold for 7.5 million! sold for $1,030,000, $5,500,000, and sold for $3,000,000!

Here is a pretty good article about the value of domain names:

How About Some Domain Names Owned by Companies: ~ 1 800 Flowers ~ Teleflora ~ FTD ~ 1 800 Contacts ~ Diageo ~ Diageo ~ Diageo ~ CNET ~ CNET ~ CNET ~ ESPN ~ Enterprise Rent a Car ~ Lending Tree ~ Merck ~ Merck ~ P&G ~ P&G ~ Pet Smart ~ Pet Smart ~ Progressive Insurance ~ Whirlpool ~ Whirlpool

Type In Traffic!

One of the reasons domain names are so valuable is because of what we call "type-in traffic." In other words, people naturally type into their Internet browser bar what they are looking for and if you own that domain name then you get that potential customer at your website.

Once This Name is Gone, It's Gone Forever!

In conclusion, a generic domain name in your industry niche, provides you more customers from type-in traffic, it’s easier to get higher results in the natural search engine results, and it adds much more branding and value to your business.

It also sets you up as the expert in your niche, because you own the generic domain name! The last thing is that you always want to buy the .com extension! It’s what people remember and they are the most valuable names.

This domain name is for sale! There of course is only one name and it is the exact keywords your customers are searching for! All of your competition is reading this same website just like you are.

Once this domain name is sold it will be gone forever. If you do not invest in this domain name you will regret it down the road when you see your competitor using it on every Billboard, Internet Advertisement, TV and Radio commercial…

This is a once in a lifetime chance to own the exact domain name that people are searching for. People that should be your customers! Once it’s gone, it’s gone!

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